Question Advice needed for liquid cooling setup (possible negative pressure scenario for lack of intake fans)


Jul 25, 2013
I've been researching on cooling and proper case airflow recently to get the most bang out of my buck for cooling. My current setup consists of i5-13600 KF, Zotac RTX 3080 Ti AMP Extreme Holo and a Z690 UD DDR4 Motherboard. I'm currently using a Deepcool AG620 air cooler and the stock fans from my Cooler Master K501L casing. I planned on mounting a 240mm/360mm AIO radiator on the top of my case and using the radiator fans as exhaust. That would lead to my case having 3/4 exhaust fans in contrast to the single intake fan in the front, which might lead to negative pressure complications and dust buildup inside my PC (I'm not sure, as I'm no expert on this). 2/3rd of the front of the case is blocked so common sense dictates that any more than one intake fan would essentially be useless in my case. Can someone tell me how to bypass this scenario without changing my case which would be too much of a hassle, or if the negative pressure scenario would be a big deal at all (my room can get quite dusty as well)


Just clean your stuff, mate - unless you want to take a Dremel to the front panel to make it more open...
Removing the PCIe slot guard may help with the balance a little, since the gpu cooler's closest fan can act as a rear intake.


To get closer to air flow balance you could re-mount (turn around) the rear fan in your case to become an intake unit. That's not the usual way, but your case does have real limits on front intake. As it happens, that would put one intake a front bottom blowing toward the video card, and a rear intake at top blowing toward the CPU and RAM. Not completely ideal because there will be some "short circuit" of air flow at top rear, but it will get you closer to balance. Note that the three rad fans do not quite blow as much as unimpeded fans would because the rad fins reduce their flow rating. So this 2-in, 3-out (rads) arrangement will be close to balance.