Question Advice needed for new pc build

Jan 10, 2021
I initially wanted to get a custom PC built online, but considering the huge backlog and wait times everywhere is experiencing at the moment I have been trying to source the parts myself.

Somehow managed to get a 3060ti and 5600x today, so have gone ahead and started ordering parts to complete the build. I'm preety clueless when it comes to building computers so hopefully will be able to get the parts together and pay someone to build it.

Looking to get an o11 mini case. These are the parts I have already ordered:

Palit 3060ti
AMD 5600x
Asus Rog strix b550-f gaming motherboard
Samsung 970 evo m.2 500gb SSD
Corsair vengeance 16gb (2x8) 3600mhz ram
Seagate barracuda 2TB HDD
Windows 10

What kind of cooling setup should I be looking at for this build? I want to keep it aircooled.

If worst comes to worst and I have to attempt building it myself, will the motherboard need a BIOS update or will it be fine to run the 5600x?

650w Power supply should be plenty?

Anything i've totally missed?

Thanks for any help
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