Advice needed on choosing the right components for a gaming PC


Nov 24, 2015

I want to build my very first gaming PC and I need advice/help with choosing the components.

As a software developer I thought I would have an easier time choosing, but it turns out I'm a total hardware noob.

I am from Europe, The Netherlands.

I have budgeted 2500 euros for the build.

I want to build a PC that will last me at least 5 years without having to do any major upgrades. A major upgrade for me is having to upgrade more than 1 component in those 5 years.

The games I am looking to play at the moment are the Witcher 3 and Fallout 4.

I will be gaming on a single monitor and I am looking for the 4k experience.

I have the following components in mind but with so much choice available I do not feel confident that I have made the best choice.

Below is the spec I have in mind at this moment.

CPU - Intel Core i7-5820K - Picked this one because it seemed to be preferred by a lot of people. Has 6 cores and with one eye looking to the future, I assume games will utilise the 6 cores. I also want to OC the cpu to 4ghz.

Memory - 16gb Kingston HyperX Fury, DDR4-2133 CL14-14-14 - Apart from 16gb, I have no clue what the rest means. Picked this memory since the cpu supports only DDR4 and the speed as far as I know does not matter at all for games.

Graphics card - Inno3D Geforce GTX 980 TI Ichill Accelero Hybrid 6gb - Picked this because it is water cooled. I am with the belief that GPUs benefit greatly from water cooling.

CPU cooling - Corsair Hydro Series H110 - Picked it on random. I have no idea if it is good or not.

Power supply - Corsair Enthusiast Series RM1000/1000w - Also picked on random

Storage - 2xSamsung SSD 850 EVO SATA 6gb/s 250gb - I don't think I need more than 500gb of storage. I will mostly have 1 or 2 games at a time. Brand is picked on random.

Mother board - NO CLUE - So many choices and the motherboard spec to me looks like a 1000 page manuscript.

Case - NO CLUE - Completely have no idea what case I need and what makes a good case.

And I think thats it. I have the monitor so unless I am missing something that is all a PC needs.

Please give me your suggestions, opinions and advice. Also please give me advice on what case and motherboard I should buy.

I will be purchasing the parts from a provider in Germany. Below is a link to the website. They have builder so you can use it for your suggestions.