Question Advice needed on Fan profiles on new PC build

Dec 31, 2020
Hello Everyone.

I just made a new build last week with the 3900xt, 64gb Ram,Asus x570 Prime white and the 3070 Fe Gpu. Iv got the corsair Hydro h100i rgb platinum white and mounted at the top in the meshifi c, 2 QL120 corsair fans at the front and 1 at the rear aspect exhaust.

The first couple of days of using it the fans just kept revving up and down. Also as an Editor I didn't mind it as I was believing the louder the fans where spinning the more power I'm using under the hood for Adobe Premiere Pro or whilst gaming.

However I then discovered Ai suite, and I did auto fan tuning.

Now my pc runs completely silent. Even when editing or 4k gaming it's very silent. So my question is although it is running silent what exactly happens if the fans stays below 900rpm?
Will my cpu throttle down or will I get less power whilst being in low rpm or quiet mode? As opposed to turbo or extreme profile?

Or will my pc still provide the same power just remain silent and run hotter?
Also when editing and if the software demands more power will the fan not switch automatically to extreme?

I'm just trying to establish do I have to always change fan profiles each time based on the task I do?

So if I game put it in extreme, if I edit put it in turbo. If I browse or watch movies put it in low rpm mode.

Do I have to manually adjust the profile everytime I do a task?

I never had this problem on my laptop! It would spin to super loud when editing and be silent when browsing.

So based on my laptops behaviour I just find it strange to Edit In complete silence. I just don't want to be losing cpu power or the cpu throttling whilst in low rpm mode. Because iv invested in a 12 core cpu and I want to harness all the power that I have paid for.

Ideally I'd love to wish to leave it in 1 profile!

Any help would be appreciated.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

You will need to keep an eye on your temps and the clock for your processor. As far as I know the fan profile is set in such a way that the fans will ramp up if needed or they will remain at a fixed speed regardless of what temps are seen, so long as there isn't any thermal protection enabled.

I've worked with Asus boards and their Turbo profile is a good balance of performance and noise. They will ramp up when needed, only when needed but the fans are usually silent.
Dec 31, 2020

Thanks for your reply, yes iv been looking into everything, i might create my own custom fan curve, but in regards to the clock it does reach 4.20 Ghz regardless if the fans are spinning loud or silent,
i just have this illusion in my head because of my laptop louder is better ! as it means PC is in full power mode rather than just sitting idle! but i guess a pc has more cooling that a laptop so it can remain quieter whilst still perform the same
computing tasks.