Build Advice Advice on budget setup --- Mac Mini 2020 or Windows desktop PC for film/video editing in 2021 ?

Jul 16, 2021

So, for quite a few years I have been editing on my late 2012 Macbook pro. It has never been a pleasant or by any means fast experience working like that, but it was sufficient for the projects I made at the time. Recently I have moved on to bigger projects of my own, all the while getting more editing gigs as well, and now my old trusted Macbook is starting to struggle. So I am looking for a new setup for editing, graphical work and other film-related projects (mostly through Adobe software and Resolve) - a setup that could hopefully work for the years to come.

My budget is around 1000-1400$, but I am willing to put in more for the right setup. I am already in possession of a Thunderbolt Retina Display + an Apple keyboard and mouse which I got a while back for a great price, so my first thought was to put my money on a Mac Mini (2020). I have heard good things about the new model, and it seemed like a good fit for my needs - even though 16gb ram seemed a little too little. The minimal disk space doesn’t bother me much since I mostly keep my files on extern hard drives.

So my big question is: What experience do people have with the Mac Mini and is it worth the money, or would I be better off with a Windows desktop - which usually give a little more bang-for-the-buck - even though I would probably have to get a new monitor, mouse and keyboard?

I am not very familiar with whatever exists out there, so any advice on the matter would be much appreciated!



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