Advice on building a PC for Photoshop


Aug 16, 2011
So I'd like to build a new PC using some parts from my present PC. I'd like the system to be optimized for Photoshop work.. Mostly photo editing... Here's what I'll be keeping...

1) 2TB 7200rpm Hard Drive
2) 600watt power supply
3) Nvidia GeForce 8800GT (maybe?)
4) The case?
5) Another 250MB 7200rpm drive
6) DVD Drive, mouse, keyboard, etc...
7) External 2TB USB 3.0 LaCie Drive

As for the upgraded parts..

I want to build around an Intel i5-2500k chip. Here are my questions...

1) I need suggestions for a specific motherboard
2) I'll likely get 4x4GB Ram... I've seen some recommendations for Gskill Ripjaw DDR3 1600Mhz Ram. This ok?
3) I'm considering adding a 90GB SSD drive (OCZ Vertex 2 or 3)? I don't know how best to set it up...
a) Boot Drive with Windows and PHotoshop installed on it?
b) Just a scratch disk for Photoshop?
c) Some other setup?
4) Is it going to be significantly worthwhile to upgrade the GPU?
5) Should I get a new case? Power Supply?

Thanks in advance for the advice! In regards to parts, please make specific suggestions if you can.

Yeah, just use more RAM, as much as u can afford (@least12GB) and u r fine with what u got.

Spend more $$$ and u won't see much improvement. Unless u do some hard cor stuff for living.

Get Vertex 3.

"Boot Drive with Windows and Photoshop installed on it? "

SSD? Why not. Buy an extra SSD and do it. Small one for system and page file on both SSD's. U will gain maybe 10% improvement. Worth the money? Yeah. Small Vertex is cheap these days, is it not?

HDD? Not on the same drive.