Advice on Case and PSU


Apr 20, 2004
I am building my first computer. Its a right of passage and i figure once i get all the componants i can more easily upgrade.
Anyway...i am settled on a AMD64 2800+, Chaintech VNF3 250, Kingston PC3200 512MB x2, WD 200GB 7200 8Mb, and a Sony DVD+RW/-RW.
I am looking for a case and PSU that can work. I am not looking for anything fancy. I went to a website and calculated i needed 300W (280ish actually) so i figure something in the ballpark of 350 would be just fine.

The case i am merely looking for something to hold everything. I have seen cases for 150bucks but i have a hard time spending more on the case then the CPU. I doubt i need a million case fans and made of Alum. My computer will sit next to me and the only weight limit i have is the foundation of my house which is around 30tons. I am looking for recomendations on something that can hold my 2 maybe 3 HD's for future expantion, and 2optical drives. Something thats easy to instal but i would say the limiting factor is price.
Thanx a lot


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Consider the Chieftech Dragon series, newegg carries them for around $55. You can get a Fortron Source 350W power supply (very high quality with overcurrent support over 400W) for another $40.

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Sep 12, 2001
Another vote for the Chieftech Dragon.

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May 21, 2004
Actually, newegg is out of stock on every single chieftec case right now :). Anyway, for your <b>rite</b> of passage, another good case is the coolermaster centurion. Around $46 on newegg, throw in the ubiquitous 350W FSP PSU, and you'll need to buy 2 80mm fans. Coolermaster is a good brand.

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