Advice on case selection


Feb 4, 2010
Hello all,

Im looking for assistance in selecting a good solid air cooled case.

some info that may help:
■Price will naturally be a consideration but not the be-all-end-all. If somtthing is good but pricey, i will still consider it.
■I am interested in small value adds like dust filtering. Dust in the area this PC is housed can become a problem over time. The area is cleaned, however pedestrian traffic does factor and so assistance that helps this can be usefull. However not a reason for exclusion. I am prepared for the 6 month/annual compressed air cleaning.
■I am and will be overclocking. Its important that the case cools well on air, im not keen a enough tech person to bother with liquid cooling units
■Preference for Full tower cases, however mid tower is acceptible
■Primarily a hardcore gamer, some development applications.

so, my initial thoughts are along the lines of:

Note that links are to an Australian retailer, since thats where im from, im just providing the links as a means of seeing the cases features, not a means of price comparison.

Antec Candidates:
Twelve Hundred -
Nine Hundred Two -

Coolermaster cases (i personally like these - if i were picking, id go HAF 932)
Cosmos S -
HAF 932 -
ACTS 840 -

Lan Li
Armorsuit SE -

Tempest -

Now, the coolermaster cases.... Is the cooling from these sufficent out of the box? or in the case of say the Cosmos S, should i be adding/swapping in the optional 120mm fans?
HAF - same as the cosmos S, and also, whats the clearance available for the CPU heatsink? theres no documention anywhere that ive been able to find.

My initial thought was the Cosmos S. However reviews ive read since are very very strong for HAF 932 and Antec 1200.
My current rig is using the Antec P193, which im happy with for the most part, fans in it can get noisy and rattle a bit though...

Anyway, thanks in advance :)
I have the HAF 932 for my emergency back-up system. It's a huge beast. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are excellent but there are no dust filters.

Have a look at the Lian Li / Lancool Dragon Lord mid-tower cases. Lots of innovative features, plenty of room, and excellent ventilation, airflow, and cooling. It comes with dust filters. I've got one sitting on the desk next to me.

Here is a link to a video review that monstermawd did:

Last time I checked had the lowest price in the USA:


If you like the HAF 932, I say get the HAF since cases are all always a personal choice. The case is a very nice case.

If you like Antec (P183), you can always look at the newer version P193. I'm a fan of the Antec 1200 (have one :) ) but my next build case will either be the HAF 922 or Cooler Master CM690 II Advance.
The Antec 1200 and HAF932 are the consensus favorites. I prefer the 1200 cause of the dust filtering and cooling options but the biggest reason being it's fits the Antec CP-850 PSU. Simply put, nothing can match that particular combination in that price range. My only beef w/ the 1200 is that the case fans have molex connectors .... would prefer 3 pin. Can easily be solved via cable adapter tho, since I generally sleeve the cables anyway, I just changed the connectors.

Last build I did w/ the 1200 used the Prolimatech Megashadow (same as Megahalems but w/ different metal finish). Fit well "stock" but if ya add the extra case window fan, a minor fan mod is req'd. The Megas are larger than most so I'd guess you're safe for sure w/ just about all HS except perhaps the new Noctua 3 pounder.