Question Advice on choosing a monitor for gaming and editing ?

Jan 6, 2021

I am a bit lost in buying a new display.
Firstly, at the moment we are using my wife's home office display which was provided by her work. It has a WQHD 60Hz Panel, so nothing special and the color accuracy is average. Its a basic office monitor. It fits her office needs.

Me on the other hand, I have a Gaming PC, has always been in my blood since I was 12 and I use a MacBook Pro for everything else than gaming.
So at the moment I have two requirements for a display: It has to be a gaming monitor and I need to be able to use it with my MacBook Pro. But the latter is where it gets tricky. I used to do semi professional wildlife and nature photography and I decided to get into that field again, so I need a display which is for editing accurately to print or publish too.
As far as I know, these are two completely different displays.

  • I was considering the LG 38WN950C-W, but the low pixel real estate in the vertical orientation and the form factor seem odd, I never used ultra wide curved and I love to edit in native resolution at 100%. But is it the best monitor for an all in one solution? It has the 144hz Sync capabilities, HDR, though not that great, is close to 4k and has very good sRGB coverage. Its never mentioned among editing monitors though.
  • Then I thought about a 2 display setup. Since the LG ultra wide is expensive I thought I might as well get two monitors, one for editing, one for gaming and just spend a little extra. I was thinking LG 5k Ultrafine or Benq PD3220U or even LG 32UL950 and LG 27GN950. The LG for Gaming is not to argue about, though the LG or Benq for editing is the issue. The Benq is 32", so next to the LG 27" it looks odd. It has more connectivity, so I can connect PC and Macbook at the same time without unplugging cables. The 5k Ultrawide has so much pixel real estate and the panel looks amazing, but the connectivity would for me to unplug and change the TB3 cable between PC and Macbook all the time as I would use it on the PC occasionally, too.
  • Acer ConceptD CP3. Just another average in all panel with too much brightness and lack of TB connectivity?
  • Finally I was wondering weather a Monitor like the ASUS ROG 27" 4k 144hz with 99% adobeRGB is suitable for editing? Is calibration possible? Or is it possible for the other options?
  • I was looking at Eizo monitors, I used one 6 years ago, but the Eizo CS options are just about too much to be needing something else for gaming.
Any advice is welcome to get some clarity.