Advice on first server build


May 11, 2012
I'm looking at building my first home server and could use some advice. I'd like to get advice on what hardware would best suit my needs. The server will be used for storing backups of home PC's and Mac's, storing pictures, music and movies, it will be used to stream movies to various devices, so transcoding on the fly will be a requirement. I also plan on running a VM of Windows 7 I'll use for various other tasks. I'd like to keep the machine in a small to medium size case which will be stored in my basement and most likely will be a headless unit. Although I can connect a monitor and keyboard to it when the need arises.

I know I'd like to use a Xeon E3 CPU, maybe the 1230 but I'm not sure the best motherboard to go along with it. I was also looking to use the Silverstone TJ08B-E case, so a micro atx board would be needed.

Any help you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated.



Supermicro's usually do very well and I see one on newegg with 5 eggs.