Advice on good Case and PSU requirements


Jul 31, 2008

I'm looking for some help on a new case for my rig.

Currently I have:
E8400 Oced 3.6 ghz with a Zalman 9500
Asus P5N-D
8 Gb OCZ DDR2 800
2x 8800GT single slot cooler
2x 150gb Velociraptors
2x 500gb 7200.10 Seagates
1x 500 Gb Hitachi
1x 1 tb WD GP
2x DVDRW LG and Pioneer
3 1/2 bay Multiple Card reader
X-Fi Gammer
800W BFGTech PSU
Antec 900

The Antec 900 holds everything today, but I'm disappointed with the noise level, dust accumulation and the horrible cable management that thing has. I'm trying to find a nice case that would hold all my stuff, that is SILENT, with good cable management and some nice looks.

It can be with a side window or not, but if it has a side window, I would like to have something with blue LED lights or no LED lights at all, to match the Zalman, my Lycosa and my Cooperhead colors.

Can any of you guys give me some guidance on what would met my needs?

On another topic (using the same thread to save some typing), I'm thinking in the future to upgrade to a Q9650 and replace one of my 8800GTs by a GTX295 and keep the second GFX for Physx. Do you know if my PSU would be able to handle this upgrade? It says that has 54 amps on the 12V combined, but I already know that I will have to use an adaptor to plug both 6 pin and 8 pin in an eventual new GTX295.

Thanks in advance!
You need at least 46A for the GTX 295, according to BFG recommendations. That's for an entire system, but a minimal one. Yours has an overclocked CPU, 6 hard drives, an additional power-hungry card, etc. It might work, but you're pushing that PSU more than you should. Get good fire insurance first.



Jul 31, 2008
Thanks for the advice guys. The coolermaster looks nice indeed! However I believe that since I may have to change the PSU I will probably save some more money for a while before moving forward.

With more money at hand I may do everything all at once...

Anyways, thanks again!


Jan 4, 2005
Case wise I suggest you take a look at CM HAF932. It's a humongous case with very good ventilation. The cable management is very good as well. I am currently using one which is replacing a 900. As far as silence goes it doesn't only rely on the case itself. Things like CPU cooler and GPU also have an incidence on the noise level.


Feb 9, 2009
Regarding your second question about the PSU, you could barely squeak by on 800W, say if you OCed to a little over 4GHz. For your system, in my opinion, it would probably be more practical to pick up a 1000W PSU.

However, if you do not overclock or if you do not overclock a lot, you could probably use it with about 90 - 95% PSU usage. However, a good 1000W PSU can set you back a good $250-300 if I am not wrong.

Overall, I guess it depends on how much you plan to overclock your CPU and/or GPUs.