Question Advice on GPU/PSU power requirements.

Nov 11, 2019
I have an older, budget orientated PSU which is an EVGA 500w 80+ (find it here for reference). Do you think this could manage a 2070super/Ryzen 3600/16gb 3200mhz ram/2 SSD's? I currently have a 1070 plugged in to the machine and with the 2070 sitting in the box next to me im faced with the choice of risking it or buying the seasonic 650w focus gold in my checkout right now.

But i just don't know if i strictly need the new PSU its quite a hefty price tag in the short term on top of the money spent building this PC. Is it worth the risk? According to this sites benchmarks the 2070s uses about 220w at load and the Ryzen about 70w. Its also worth mentioning that i have zero intention of overclocking the gpu and i play at 144hz 1080p.