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Question Advice on GPU purchase


Aug 16, 2013
I'm finally looking to upgrade my GPU and am just looking for a little advice since there area few extra factors so I'm struggling to find the information I need.

Ideally the 2070 super is the most expensive card I'm willing to buy, and that is the card I'm currently leaning towards.

My main question is whether this card will be okay to run 3 monitors. I currently have a pretty old 1920x1080 144hz 24 inch monitor and a 1920x1080 75hz 27 inch monitor. My plan is to use these two as the "side" monitors, so they won't be used for games as I only plan to game on 1 monitor at a time. They I'm planning to buy a 3rd monitor to game on, which will likely be a 27 inch 144hz monitor, probably 1920x1080. The games I play won't be too demanding, probably just some Overwatch, CoD and WoW, and I'm not bothered about running them on max settings, but would like to be able to watch videos on one of the other monitors while I game without my frames dropping low.

My other question is whether using my old GPU for one of the monitors will offer any benefit at all. The GPU is super old, it's a GTX 680. I've seen some comments about using a dedicated GPU for a monitor offering some improvements but just wandering if it will take a lot of effort to set up and whether it will be worth the effort or if the 2070S will handle this setup fine without a need for the extra GPU.

Hope this all makes sense, and thanks in advance for any input.