Question Advice on graphics card for 3 x 4K monitors

Mar 1, 2020
I'm about to update my PC that is used for photography /rendering work - but not gaming. I want to move to 3 x Dell U3219Q 4K monitors side by side and new graphics card to replace a similar set up of 3 Dell U2711 monitors running on an ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics card.

Software I use is Lightroom primarily. Any recommended graphics cards to handle 11520x2160 in a non-gaming environment? Is there a minimum graphics memory size I should have? The monitors have display port, HDMI and USB-C connectors - no DVI

Thanks in advance!


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Budget for your GPU purchase? You could easily take a look at the RTX lineups from Nvidia or the RX's from AMD. I am worried about the rest of your specs though.

Mind sharing them like so:

Include the age of the PSU.
Mar 1, 2020
Thanks for the reply. I'll be building this almost from scratch with the current thinking as follows;

Power supply - 650W (I already have this) - may need more depending on the final config
CPU - most likely an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
M'board - not sure - not looking for top end or lights or armour - just one that supports the graphics, X570 chipset and has one or two M2 slots. Ideally a Micro ATX
RAM - either 16 or 32GB - again not high end - more mid to high end DDR4
SSD - a fast M2 SSD pref PCIe 4.0 probably 1TB, I already have 2 x 10TB discs in my current PC that will move over
chassis - antec mid size tower - already have it - cant remember model name
OS Win 10 Home

This might be overkill for what i'm using it for but the last PC I built was about 8 years ago and its only now getting a bit tired so I like a build that will last a long time.

Not looking to overclock and will be happy with a stock CPU cooler

The reason I'm starting with the graphics card is I want to be sure it will run 3 x 4K monitors- and then get mid/high level CPU and SSD - the memory and mother board don't seem to make much difference for what I'm using it for and I dont need lights etc - it will be under a desk with no glass panels in the case.


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