[SOLVED] Advice on Mousepad Surfacing


Jan 26, 2016
So I got a mousepad as a gift for christmas. It's a nice pad and I like it, but it has a bit of an issue.

My optical mouse seems to have a difficult time tracking on it, the cursor moves fine side to side, but up and down is very jerky and stuttery, and sometimes it gets stuck all together.

The mouse works perfectly on my bare desk surface, and on the old mouse pad, so I was a bit confused about what was happening given the old mouse pad is the same material.. hard black plastic.

I realized, though, that my old pad has a nice bright logo design right in the center where the mouse lives most of the time, so I put the mouse outside that logo on the plain black area, and voila... I've reproduced the problem. The plain black area of the old mouse pad has the same tracking issue as the new pad, which is flat black all over.

This brings me to my question. I was thinking of two solutions:

A) I could try to use a fine sandpaper grit to rough up the surface of the new pad very slightly to create some contrast for the mouse to read better. I suspect it only needs the tiniest bit more something to read to make a huge difference

B) I could use some enamel paint or something to create a brighter colored area in the center of the pad to give the mouse a surface it can read better... and then clear coat over the whole thing to keep it smooth and even.

I know I'll get some advice to just get a new mouse pad (Or go back to the old one), but this was a relatively expensive gift from a loved one, so I'd rather put some effort into making this workable.

Any advice or other ideas? Thanks a lot!


I'd go with option A) first since it wouldn't damage the mouse pad visually. Option B) may also work but that ruins the visual aspect of the mouse pad. Go with option B) only when option A) doesn't work.

Though, if the mouse pad has glossy finish then option A) would scratch it up, with visible scratches. Option B) would fix those visual scratches when option A) doesn't work.