Question Advice on moving modem from basement to office ?

Jun 9, 2021
Hi, I have a couple questions that I’m not finding proper answers to. I’m trying to move my modem from basement to my office. I understand that I will need to run new cat5e from the NID outside to a phone jack in the office which I can then take to the modem.

In the NID the ISP terminated to the protectors and then brought wires to the consumer modules, but looking at what has been done i think at some point the second module went bad and they abandoned it and took a pair directly over to the protectors. When I replace my cable can I just duplicate what is already been done? Is that safe?
Secondly I would like to bring Ethernet into 2 bedrooms. Do I plug 2 cords into the ports and run them to wall plates in those rooms and then to devices? Will I get any sort of loss in speed by doing that rather that plugging directly into devices from the modem? View:


DSL Service?

Who is your ISP?

Make and model modem? Make and model router (or modem/router if combined)?

For the most part, you may be able to connect the modem to an existing telephone wall jack in the office.


Read and google for similar links as necessary.

Likewise find the applicable modem and router User manuals for more information.

Sketch out a simple diagram showing the planned telephone and network connections.

Does not need to be fancy. Just clear enough to show wiring paths, locations, and connected devices.

Post accordingly.
Jun 9, 2021
Maybe I over complicated this. In the picture MY two greens go straight over to the protectors and not the module. When installing the new cat5e cable am I safe to duplicate what I see in the picture