Build Advice Advice on new 5950x build - Evolv X/Kraken X73, RGB, Cooling

Nov 26, 2020
I'm about to start a new build and would like to get a gut check/advice on my component selection . I also have a few questions on RGB compatibility, fans and cooling. Since it kind of ranges the gamut, hopefully this is the right section.

Here's the build:

Evolv X case
ASUS Crosshair VIII Dark Hero
Ryzen 5950X
Kraken X73 RGB
G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32GB (2x16) DDR4 4000 (16CL)
Samsung 980 Pro 1TB Nvme
Samsung 860 EVO 2TB (several of these)
WD Black 6TB HDD
Seasonic Prime TX-850w
ROG Strix 1080Ti for now - still haven't been able to land a new GPU

Will be using Thermal Grizzly Kyronaut.

Will be replacing the case fans. I'm thinking 3 Corsair QL 140s, 1 at the back and 2 of them on top with the AIO mounted in the front in a push configuration. (Yep, it'll hide the AIO RGB, but I already had it before I decided on a case, so I'm just gonna roll with it.) I've also considered replacing the AIO fans with Corsair ML 120s, but want to test things out with the stock fans first.
I want to keep things as quiet as possible while still providing plenty of airflow/cooling.

  1. I believe this RAM is dual ranked and will be good for running 1:1 ratios - do I have that right?
  2. 4000 at CL 16 vs. 3600 at CL14 - benefits of one vs. the other?
  3. Are the QL 140s a good choice in this configuration? I'd use the included airflow cover that comes with the case to block off the unused portion at the top, assuming in the front above the AIO.
  4. Will the X73 along with the Kryonaut give me enough cooling for some potential overclocking in this case and config?
  5. Will these 5 RGB fans, considering it's a mix of Corsair and NZXT plugging into the Phanteks hub give me any problems? I know early on the hub had some issues and I'm hoping that by now they've been resolved?
  6. Is the Phanteks hub decent enough to handle the RGB or would I be better off with the Node that comes with the Corsair fans (or even the Commander Pro)?
  7. With the rad behind the intake fans, what's the best way to gauge how much exhaust I should be pushing to keep it at neutral or possibly a slight positive pressure?
  8. I've considered swapping the AER 2 fans with the MLs, but don't know if that will be necessary yet. Any thoughts/suggestions on that? (I like how quiet they are...)
I think that covers it. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, or specific experience with this or a similar setup, I'd really appreciate your input.

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