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Question Advice on pre-built gaming PC - Budget $2000


Apr 19, 2018
Hello everyone,

I’m in the market for purchasing a new gaming PC and need some advice. Because of all the problems I had the last time I built a PC, I’d like to go with something prebuilt. Budget is about $2,000, although there is some wiggle room. Don’t anticipate using it for streaming or video editing. This will be connected to an AV Receiver so I do want support for 5.1 audio formats from Dolby and DTS. Will also be used with Sennheiser headphones.

Desired Resolution: 4K HDR
Noise: My old PC always sounded like a jet engine. (Like the Xbox One X or PS 4 Pro at max fan speed.) Want something much quieter.

Processsor / motherboard: Willing to spend the money here for future proofing. Leaning towards an x570 (4 memory slots) with Ryzen 9.

GPU: Needs to support DX 12 Ultimate. Don’t know how much VRAM I need here. I’ve never used overclocking.

Memory: I saw a digital foundry video indicating 16 GB DDR4 3000 MHZ as the minimum. What’s recommended?

Will need a copy of Windows 10.

Don’t need a monitor as this will be connected to a 4K HDTV. Also don’t need a keyboard or mouse.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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