[SOLVED] Advice on thermal throttling CPU

Jul 12, 2019
So I am fairly new to the scene of overclocking and like anyone else I am trying to get every bit of performance I can out of my CPU.

I have a well used FX-6350 and I'm trying to push it to 4.4Ghz. When I use the lowest voltage that is stable for this hertz, I hit the max temp under 100% stress tests which is 80 degrees and therefore my clock speeds reduce.

However, when playing the games that I play and in every day use, I never hit maximum temperatures of more than about 70-75 degrees, so I don't get any throttling. So essentially I am asking for some advice of whether it's fine to use this hertz or whether I should decrease the hertz for temperatures sake.

As a side note, I do plan on upgrading in the near future so the lifespan of the processor is not a big issue for me.