Question Advice on whether to keep 1660 super.


Feb 9, 2018
I wondered if you guys could give me some advice. I have a budget gaming pc, the build was suggested to me on here maybe 3 years back so I know I will need to upgrade the mobo and cpu soon. It's a g4600 cpu with a 1050 ti. 3 weeks ago I bought a MSI 1660 super for £203. Now that the new gpus are out it's got me thinking about a possible 3060 and how much it might cost. If it was say £300 I think I would be up for going the extra £100 for such a big improvement or would the 2060 become more of an option if prices drop. When do you guys think the 3060 would be out and the cost? is it worth returning the 1660 super for a refund and waiting it out? My cpu is definetly bottlenecking it so I will eventually upgrade the rest maybe when the new AMD stuff drops. I'm gaming on a cheap 1080p monitor and I don't really have intenions to got 2k or 4k right now, although it would be nice to have the option of going 2k eventually maybe in a couple years but its no big deal. I would really appreciate your help please, thanks