Question Advice on wiping a Laptop and starting from scratch

Nov 15, 2021
I have a Lenovo laptop that doesn't perform as well as it's spec should, and hasn't since the day it came out of the box. As with these kind of Laptops it came with a lot of Lenovo software and other bits pre installed which seemed to be affecting the performance. I tried to remove everything manually but things seem to hide from me. So I did a "Factory Reset" through Windows recovery but that just re installed all the out of the box annoyences.

So I'm planning on just wiping and completely formatting the HDD, getting a fresh and clean copy of Windows, and hope that allows the Laptop to live up to it's potential. The trouble is I've never wiped a laptop before, and the last time I did anything like this on a desktop was probably Win 98 and the machine had multiple drives of which I was only wiping one. So I'm after some advice and instruction of how I approach this.