Question Advice please on dropping off parts for a builder

Mar 20, 2019
I have bought all my parts and now I need to drop them off to a guy to build. I do not know this person but he has good reviews (not sure of that means much). Do I need to make up a contract for him to sign stating that I am dropping off the parts and he's signing to receive said parts and built a PC, install OS and test functionality of PC. Does anyone have a contract already written up? I don't want to be rude by dropping a contract bomb on him but it's $4k in parts :/

Suggestions please?



Feb 1, 2016
With that much money involved it probably wouldnt be the worse thing ever to have some written and signed agreement. I'm no lawyer so I don't know what sort of contract/agreement you would want to have but I imagine it could probably be pretty simple (just something to show a judge that has his signature).

Personally if he has good reviews that seem trustworthy, youre dropping the parts off at his home (so you know his address), and you have a decently sized text/email correspondence discussing the job, I wouldnt stress to much if you don't have him sign something, but obviously with that much money its never a bad idea to play on the safe side. Maybe let him know that you are going to have him sign something before hand.

On another note, make sure you check your parts when you do get the computer back, it can be easy to swap some parts for cheaper parts (slower ram, slower SSD, etc.)
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Oct 21, 2009
First off, I am not a lawyer.

However, If it was me, I would make a list of all your components. Also, have a statement along the lines that these are the components you are providing him to build a computer for you and when the build is complete he will give you the completed computer using the provided components along with the original packaging and accessories that came with the components. Bring two copies and both you and him to sign and date each copy.
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Apr 3, 2018
If this individual runs a business he likely already has something like this in place, as well as a policy concerning non working or trouble items. ASK

If it's some "dude off the internet" it may be a bit more risky, but just the same. ASK

No issues with communicating concerns with someone you are spending money with up front. It becomes more an issue when you make assumptions and then a problem arises that you didn't cover. If they have a problem with your ASKING, then I would likely change plans.
if this is some random computer tech you found from a classified section like craigslist or kijiji i would be concerned about if they have done this thing before. what do you think would happen if he broke out one of the parts you gave them like bending pins on the CPU or motherboard when installing them. do you know them well enough that they will take responsibility for it?
I pretty much am the random computer tech. I have them provide a list and we both sign an agreement. I have never had an issue. However, that person is coming to my house so there is automatically some trust because I am letting them know where I live in if I mess with them they can find me easily.

The truth though is what are you willing to do if the guy screws you over? You have a signed agreement, sure, but are you going to take him to court? You going to call the cops? Do something really stupid? You will have a sense of the guy when you meet him and if anything is off, just leave.