Question advice upgrade ram latitude 5420

Mar 22, 2023
i just bought a pair Corsair VENGEANCE Performance Memory Kit 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200 CL22 Unbuffered SODIMM.
i tryed to replace the old ram sk hynix, but after replacing i get black screen, i put again the old ram sk hynix and works fine.
here is a picture with ram that i have in my laptop, what do you recomand me?
i want 16 gb

Hey there,

So you added the new ram, alongside the old 8gb stick? If this is the case then the new ram may be faulty. Is th old ram removeable, so you could take it out, and only put in the new one?

The problem is that ram from different manufacturers even if they have the same timings and voltage may not work together at all. It could also be that the new DIMM is faulty.

You need to have a 2 x 8 kit. If you own ram is soldered then you cna only add one more DIMM. Go here: Crucial System Scanner | Memory Upgrade Scanner | Crucial | and see what ram they recommend, and buy that one. It should then work.