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Question AE-9 Sound Card connection

Apr 22, 2021
To run the external interface for this sound card, it needs to be connected to the PSU pci-e. My PSU is the EVGA 850GC Gold (850 watts) with several 8 pin pci-e connectors (no 6's). The connector on the sound card is a 6 pin. Here is what the directions say:

Only the use of PCI Express 6-Pin Connector is permitted.
The PCIe connector must be connected to the sound card in a Pin-to-Pin matching configuration.
DO NOT forcefully link the connectors if they do not fit.
DO NOT connect ATX 4Pin/P4/EPS Connectors to the Sound Card’s PCI Express Connector. Doing so will cause damage to the Sound Card and/or PC/Power supply.
Power supply unit must be 80 PLUS Bronze certified with a minimum of 500 watts power output and a 2 x 6 PCIe connector.

I built this computer and, although I am not a beginner, I am still a bit in the dark about the whole 6 pin, 2x6 pin and 8 pin thing and what can and can't be subbed. Could someone offer me a bit of advice on this one? I would like to use the interface that comes with this card but if connecting it in a way that could potentially damage my rig is needed, it's not worth it to me. I am sure there are several of you out there that knows exactly what's going on here. :unsure:


That PSU has 4 ports for PCIE/VGA and it came with several 6+2 cables.
Any 6+2 cable can be used for either type Connector. Do not attempt to use a CPU or EPS 8 pin cable in place of a PCIE 8pin, or vice-versa.