Aegia physx worth it?

Hi, i got a Q6600 on an asus rampage formula with Crosfire on 2 4850s.

I wanted to know if that can be paired with a older physx card from aegia (i know u cant buy it anymore but i think i can get it over ebay) for improved visuals or perhaps extra FPS.

And if it would, where can i actually get drivers for that card nowdays.

Thx for help.
probablz zes gamer316 but as far as i know i cant run 3 gpus on a asus rampage formula >D. THe cost of a physx might be around 50 bucks for me, so i wanted to know if it would actually work as a physx engine with my system.
If it could improve fps or overall visual effects on some games (like crysis for example), id spend that money with np.

However im a bit afraid to buy it, plug it in, and find out it wont even work.

so, anyone actually knows if it will work with my computer ( specs above ), and if so, how good would it be, and where can i find drivers for it.


Jul 26, 2009
Alright calm down. It was a question that was very similar and I didnt want to spam the whole board. Maybe we should make hundreds more threads for each tiny question?



Mar 12, 2007
I got an ageia card recently, I have just tried UT3 special maps, it is cool, it does have a recently released stand alone driver by Nvidia. It does not have CUDA though. But it will work ATI cards . I got mine used off ebay for 45.00. It was worth a try.