Question Aero Glass For Win 8.1+ incompatibility issue message at startup ?


Oct 3, 2013
I use Windows 10 Pro on a Dell XPS 9550 laptop that is 5 years old.

Few years ago I had this message at startup each time. I basically ignored it for many years. Then I think someone told me to download something or remove aero glass and I no longer got that message at startup anymore. But maybe a year later or so, I got a very similar message and it shows up each time i turn on my windows ten pro laptop.

Basically it shows:

Red X Mark dwm.exe

Aero Glass For Win 8.1+ Incompatibility issue
Your system version is not supported by this version of Aero Glass. Continue Anyway?


So each time this happens, I click Cancel

Then It Shows:

Red X Mark Aero Glass For Win 8.1+ Incompatibility issue
Aero Glass does not know how to hook your version of DWM (0x7FF3).

Do not report this because this is not a bug.

Retry/Cancel (
I click Cancel)

I remember few years ago I had this same error message each time i start up my laptop. I fixed it by doing something but a while later on, I got this message again.

I also have ton of lagging on my laptop. Could this be a reason? I remember I installed aero glass a while back because i wanted the windows to have that transparent look like windows 7 because when i first used windows ten... i wasn't a fan of how it looked.

I think someone told me the reason i get this message is because there is no longer support for aero glass for windows ten. So does this mean I either have to get this annoying message each time or remove aero glass?