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Question Aerocool P7 850W Platinum PSU.. HEEELP!


Nov 16, 2013
So.. I derped!
I was in the middle of sleeving my brand new PSU (Aerocool P7 850W Platinum), and of course I didn't make a wiring diagram and then.. I didn't secure the pins properly, and of course some of them fell out! . I tried reaching out to Aerocool, but they only provided me with a gauge schematic, and told me the pinout was a secret???? (not a very well hidden secret, as anyone with a cable (that hasn't screwed it up) can see this!

So.. Now i hope one of you fine people in here have the same PSU, and are willing to make me a simple diagram showing the connections for the 24 pin to the 10/18 pin plugs on the PSU end (just be aware its a trade secret LOL) otherwise I'll be looking at buying a new PSU, as i have 0 clue on how to measure my way out of this mess

Hope on of you good people can help me out... A simple drawing of the plugs with the pins marked 1-24 will do just fine

Hope someone has the same PSU and can help me out!