Affordable ADSL router/modem allowing incoming domain blocking?


Nov 5, 2017
I'm trying to do something about the relentless, ever-increasing onslaught of commercials on my Roku. It was suggested that several domain blocks be set up in my router/modem. However, I can find no way to do this in my router (SmartRG-f61b.) Can anyone recommend an affordable alternative to this router that will let me block several incoming domains (such as to kill this intolerable slew of inane, insulting drivel that I'm being forced to endure in ever-increasing amounts? Seven minutes of content interspersed with five minute blocks of commercials has me just about ready to give up TV altogether! Thanks!!
I would look at tplink or asus both run single image firmware across their entire least I think they still do.

They both have some firewall features that will let you block traffic. If you did not need a DSL device I would recommend asus and then load merlin firmware. It tends to be one of simpler to use third party firmware but the factory firmware also has ok ability to block stuff.

You generally can not block by a actual domain name you will have to get the IP addresses and block those. To block for example all you would have to use a DNS server since it would not be practical to try to put in all the ip for a huge number of servers.

It is hard to say what blocking those IP will accomplish it may break the roku. Many times the ads are feed from video provider and the roku does not actually do anything but display them.

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