Question Affordable DIY Water cooling parts in India Possible ?

Jayant Arora

Mar 2, 2014
So this is what i know and please don't slam me for this:

  • I don't believe DIY custom loop thing is only meant for uber high end server junkies / vfx engineers which can or have to spend thousands of dollars on just cooling their components. It's also an enthusiast thing and anyone can do it whether needed or not.
  • We have international brands like: EKWB, Thermaltake etc that sells in India through e-tailers [, etc] and are expensive.
  • We have china brands like: Barrow, Bykski, Freezemod and no name china brands..etc, that sells through Ali express, etc.
  • And there's one indian retailer called SMC international : which sells some/limited bykski brand parts with +35% on ali-express prices.
  • Also to mention difference in prices between brands is huge let say EK vs Barrow in India is about 4-5 times. For eg, a radiator [360 38mm copper] from barrow/bykski cost $40-$45[3-3.5K INR] incl shipping and excl customs by aliexpress, and from EK by will cost you $320- $330. [23-25K INR]. There's thermaltake sells their kits for around $600-$1300 in india. We are looking at full setup costs of avg $800 vs $150 .
Also to mention not even 1 you-tuber from india has done proper DIY water cooling video or even has recommended / encouraged it. People are so afraid to do it.

I myself bought DIY stuff from aliexpress in Jan 2020 but import on stuff got cancelled due to human malware going on.
If someone knows any retailer or etailer in india that sells DIY water-cooling stuff please mention, i would be very obliged.

I give a big shoutout to LINUS, JAYS TWO CENTS who supports DIY stuff.



I give a big shoutout to LINUS, JAYS TWO CENTS who supports DIY stuff.
Sorry, that won't get you much love around here.

As for the parts, there are always cheaper parts available for just about any kind of endeavor, but you must always remember, "garbage in, garbage out".

That doesn't mean you can't sometimes find cheaper alternatives but when it comes to water cooling, using inferior parts often leads to leaks, contamination, failed parts from poor machining or poor cleaning of metal debris or outright failure due to cheap quality controls. Usually, depending on the type of part, it's simply not worth the risk. In some cases it might be.

Obviously you do not have to use ultra high end hardware for every cooling loop, but you sure as heck don't want to use bargain barrel bottom end budget junk either. And a lot of what you'll find on Ali Express and many similar sites, are exactly that. Not all, but a lot of it.

It would be a good idea to look at the following thread before going any further. Rubix_1011, the author of the cooling sticky, is probably about the best person around here to ask if you have any custom loop cooling questions.