Question After 7 years, it's time to upgrade...


Dec 28, 2013
Hello wonderful community!

I've been a part of this community for a while now and I've had the same PC since 2013. The community had helped me choose my parts and even offer ideas for upgrades when I looked for them through the years.

I've recently noticed how I can't really multitask anymore while running any games. Most games (Warzone, Apex, City Skylines, Forza 7, Asseto Corza) will run my CPU to 100% so even trying to run discord or have a few tabe open in Chrome/Firefox makes the computer chug along like a train trying to go up a steep hill.
With the new age of gaming, I'd like to be able to multitask once again and be able to stream simultaneously while having a few background processes working as well without my pc stopping to think every so often.

That being said, I've been doing a ton of research lately but of course I would love the input of a few experts here in the forums. I have posted a link below to see the pieces I'm looking to purchase. My plan is to stay around the $1000 CAD mark if possible. I don't plan on overclocking memory or the CPU (CPU potentially after 2-3 years to get some extra performance out of it).

PC Part Picker of the potential new setup

Please don't hate, however, I am loyal to Asus whe it comes to my PC parts. I understand there's other great options out there however I would like to stick with Asus.

Here is my current build:

i5-4670k @4GHz
Maximus VI Formula
16GB G.Skill 1866MHz CL9
Samsung 840 PRO 256 GB
Samsung 840 EVO 120GB
WD Black 1TB
Corsair HX850
ASUS ROG Swift Pg278QR (1440p @ 165Hz)

With the new CPU, mobo and RAM being purchased I would like to use as much of the old PC as possible. I do have a new Windows 10 key so I'd be doign a clean install on the 500GB WD SN850, while using the 1 tb for games. The other drives will be used for storage at this point due to their age I can't rely on them for much longer.

My main concerns are these:

  • X570 or B550 mobo? I understand that the B550 only has 1 pcie 4.0 for GPU and 1 for an m.2. If I were to go with B550, I'd save a few bucks which my wife would love to hear, but my second m.2 would be pcie 3.0. When gaming or running streamlabs, is there a difference because of the bandwith and will I feel a difference?
  • Will the 5600x be adequate to last me the next 5 years without any hiccups?
  • With the arrival of 11th gen Intel chips being announced next month, is it worth the wait to see if the performance is on par with AMD 5th gen? ( im thinking of going i5-11600k paired with a Z590 mobo)
  • Should I opt for a more powerful CPU than the 5600x/i5-11600k?
  • RAM speeds I've included are 3200Mhz, will I benefit much by making the jump up to 3600Mhz?
I know this is a long read and if you're still reading at this point, thank you and I appreciate you.

I look forward to your feedback!


Dec 28, 2013
It says your PC partpicker list is set to private .. as in can't view it.
I apologize about that, I have fixed the private issue, it can now be viewed.

Also I am gaming at 1440p @165Hz, and also have a second monitor at 1080p for multitasking. Thinking about adding a third.
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