Question After assembling, when the power is turned on, it reboots and the screen does not appear.

Apr 30, 2022
Hello, I recently got a new system,

CAD, video editing, fs2020 applications

CPU; 6850k (Used) (Expectedly used by existing users for image editing purposes such as Mb)

MB; Gigabyte x 99psil (used)

RAM; Micron ddr4 8*4 3200 (new, 4ch based on MB manual, slot 1, 3, 6, 8)

SSD; Samsung pm871b 128gb, WD blue 250+hitachdd (all traditional)

GPU; Sapphire rx470 (existing, dp connected to monitor)

PSU; Fsp 700w (new)

Cooler; 3rsys id-cooling auraflow x 240rgb (new)

Case; 3rsys L920 (New)

I assembled it with that

The cpu cooler, the system cooler (4), the motherboard led, and the psu fan all work when the power is turned on

The Gigabyte logo does not appear on the screen (monitor is normal, it goes into sleep mode without signal)

The power goes out and back on in about 10 seconds. There's still no screen

I thought it was a RAM problem, so when it was a module, I inserted 4 each in slot 3, but it still has the same symptoms.

Likewise, I tried slots 1 and 2, but I can't.

Is it a RAM slot problem or all 4 RAMs have initial defects?

Please give me another opinion.

Thank you.