Question After changing thermal paste, all fans spinning but no POST and red CPU debug light is on ?

Jul 24, 2021
After changing thermal paste, no POST fans spinning and red CPU debug light

I replaced the thermal paste on my GPU (Gtx 980) and my old cpu (r5 1600) and after this I got no POST, with all fans spinning and mobo lights on. I believe the motherboard was the issue so I bought a new mobo (MSI X470 GAMING PLUS MAX) and had the same issue. I then replaced the CPU with a R5 3600 and the issue persisted. I thought it could be the BIOS but my motherboard should work with my CPU out of the box. I noticed I was also getting ram lights at this point so I replaced the ram. Still no POST with CPU and DRAM lights red.

I have tried resetting bios via jumpers on board and the CMOS battery. I have checked numerous times everything is plugged in. I’ve tried ram in different slots and tried only one ram stick.

I now don’t know if it’s an issue with my PSU or my GPU or how to fix it. I’ve been at it for a week so any help would be appreciated.



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