Question After filling 55GB at 60MB/s my HDD slows down to 500KB/s


Jul 10, 2018
Hi guys!

It is my another day trying to figure out the answer x)
I hope you can help me.

So like 1 month ago my 6yo Seagate 1TB HDD 7200rpm drive started to work in unintended ways.
When I was playing any games installed at it, they were crashing after seconds or after hours. Depended on humour of my pc.

So I got new Barracuda 2TB 7200rpm 256MB cache. Replaced it with the old one.

Finally I started to fill it up.
First thing.
Download R6Siege from Steam.
Everything is going supernice up to 55GB.
And here is my problem.
After that stamp it downloads and writes with some funny speeds like 20KB/s.
I tried downloading other games from EpicStore and same thing happens. It downloads at 60MB/s, writes at the same speed only for a period of time.
I was uninstalling and dowloading the same games again several times and sometimes it slows at 10% of download or sometimes at 80%.
Once I left the pc to let it finish at least one game but it only downloaded like 100MB in 3 hours or so.

I went to the pc store and replaced it with the new one. Pretty much same thing happens but after it slows it goes at arount 500KB-1MB/s and I feel like it could finish the downloads if I would leave it for enough time.

The thing is that my old drive which was also barracuda, only smaller storage (both budget drives)
My internet speed is 600MB and my old drive was never bottlenecking it. Same thing with both of my ssd-s, everything was written as fast as my internet could go.

What am I doing wrong?
Pls help :<


May 11, 2014
Did you tried different drivers, try different sata cable, and also try different port on mobo.

I have the same HDD and Im not satisfied, while benchmarks are great, real world copying is bad, speed drops to 20Mbs or even less. I should buy WD Blue EZRZ 5400rpm, because it is better, even old 512gb WD green 5400rpm is better than 7200rpm 256mb cache Barracuda. I fell for it, because I thought 7200rpm and 256mb cache will give me better performance than 5400rpm 64mb cache drive, but that is not true, everyone is looking at benchmarks, nobody tests file copying.
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