Question After I log in error message "Unable to connect with remote computer"


Jan 12, 2016
Today I power on my PC and after I logged in I got an error that said something along the lines "Unable to connect with remote computer". There was 1 more sentence in that error which unfortunately I didn't read. I have never had an error like this! Then instead of logging in the screen was blue and there was a windows loading circle for a while. I force power down and turned it back on - worked as usual.
I have no remote PC set up on it. None what-so-ever. I googled that error but didn't fine much. I have Avast + MB Premium anti-viruses. Nothing on the PC except for chrome and drivers. Windows 8.1 Pro like 6 months old. I removed that PC from home group (my other pc) just to be safe. I scanned the pc - nothing. I have daily scans on it. Did a startup scan with avast - clean. Doesn't look like a virus.

I just surf on this PC on few websites and nothing more.

The unusual stuff about the pc are:
-My resolution sometimes (now it is like that) goes down to 1440x900 and cant change it back to 1920x1080. This happened once before and then after few days it went back to normal on new pc start. In AMD drivers if I change it to fullHD it stays on the old one and with windows setting it doesn't show the fullHD option to me (up to 1600x900). Can be a driver issue cause the GPU is old but I don't need stronger one on that PC. The monitor is 21 inch old LG but it should work on fullHD just fine.
-When I turn off the pc the monitor goes down fast and I can see the led blinking as there is no input BUT the pc stays running for sometime. Usually if the up-time of system is long lets say 10h it stays for 2-3 mins before the main box shuts down.
-when I turn off I sometimes get an error about "broadcast event window" - I googled it and it's something with AMD catalyst center I guess.

My questions are: Am I being hacked? XD Should I reinstall windows?
Also does old hardware firewalls (new ones are expensive) like ex. Zyxel ZyWALL 5 Firewall are of any use or just waste of space?

Windows 8.1 Pro
Q6600 2.4GHz
Radeon HD 4770
5 GB Ram
21" LG Flatron w2243S
Router Asus RT-AC52U
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Take a look in Task Manager Startup Tab.

Look for some app that may be launching in the background and subsequently trying to "phone home" for whatever reason(s). Or some other action such as updates, backups, looking for a share, etc..

Also look in Reliability History. Hopefully there was an error code, warning, or even informational event captured therein.

Event Viewer also may have captured similar information.