Question After I switched cases for my pc it is turning on but getting no signal from both of my monitors and I can’t turn it off without turning off power sup

Mar 18, 2021
Pc components:
AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Radeon RX 570 8gb OC
16 gg.skill 3200mgz ram (2 sticks of 8gb)
corsair 550 W bronze certified psu
Gigabyte B450M DSEH V1

Details: I just switched my case from a Cooler master mb600L to an NZXT h510. I had the mb600L and everything inside it for 1 year without any problems. With this new case the only internals I changed were getting diy-fab argb fans and cable extensions. All of the internals are the same.

problem: when I turn on my pc the rgb fans and a light on my motherboard come on and all the fans are spinning, but both of my monitors say that there is no signal. Also, I can’t turn off the pc by pressing the power button on the case, instead I turn the power supply off.

attempted fixes: I have tried to reset ram multiple times and I have taken out the cmos and put it back in. I have also checked all of my cable extensions to make sure they are secure and connected. Finally, I have made sure my display port (for my 144hz monitor) and my hdmi( for my 60hz) are both plugged into the video card.

any help that anyone has would be very much appreciated!