Question After installing an offboard VGA the motherboard VGA LED keeps turned on, but everything works normally

Jun 3, 2022
Hi folks,

I recently built a "gaming PC" without an offboard video card at first, using the Ryzen 5600G with B450 Aorus M.
All ok until then. I updated the BIOS, did the installation of Windows 10 and everything else. The PC was working properly.

So I decided to put a dedicated video card and opted for the RTX 3060ti from Galax.
I installed the card and the video was normal, but when I turned the computer off and back on, the following happened:
  1. It turns on normally;
  2. The speaker gives one long and two short beeps;
  3. The VGA LED remains on after boot;
  4. The computer gives video and works normally using the 3060.
That is, it says that something is wrong, but it gives video normally, even with the VGA led on.
When this happens (most of the time) I restart the machine (from the Windows login screen) and the second time everything goes smooth, a single beep with no led on.
Something I noticed: this always happens when I turn off the power switch.

Have you ever seen this behavior? Any hints as to what it could be?
Maybe the led is indicating something regarding Vega from Ryzen?

Here is my setup specification:
Motherboard: B450 Aorus M
Processor: Ryzen 5600G
Memory: XPG D45 16GB 3200Mhz in dual channel
Video Card: RTX 3060ti Galax
SSD: KingSpec 512GB M2 NVMe
Power: 650W

Thank you all 👋
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

650W is the advertised wattage of your PSU. We're going to need to know the make and model of your PSU. What BIOS version are you on for your motherboard?

without an offboard video card at first
Did you mean to say discrete graphics card?

You might want to disconnect the system from the wall and display, then remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard. Replace battery after 30 mins and then try powering the system back up, without the discrete GPU.
Jun 3, 2022
Hi Lutfij, thanks for your reply.

My PSU is a Gamemax GM650 of 650W. Not a super good model but a good one.

My BIOS version is F63a.

And yes, when I said "without an offboard video card at first" I meant to say a without a discrete graphics card. When I buit the PC I was using the integrated graphics card.

I will try to follow the procedure you described. Do I need to observe something specifically?

Thanks in advance.
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