Question After installing my SSD my games have been having random lag spikes

May 18, 2019
my SSD (samsung 860 EVO 1TB) was installed last monday and ever since then every game has been having EXTREMELY FREQUENT lag spikes and discord as well
League of Legends has been having the most random lag spikes immediately after I installed my SSD and used the built in program to clone the data from my HDD to SSD
Black Desert Online also has the same issue
Discord as well
basically anything that uses internet has been having frequent lag spikes after installing my SSD (its not a coincidence because I use my PC very frequently and noticed these problems immediately) its been a week now and I've done virus scans with malwarebytes and none were found, restarted my PC multiple times shut it down and let it rest for a day, cleaned the dust out of it. idk what else to do can someone explain why these lag spikes are happening?
How do i fix these lag spikes because my parents also installed a new modem but that didn't have any problems with the lag spikes before I installed my SSD it only started happening after I installed the SSD.