Question After Market 3080s


Aug 5, 2017
I sincerely apologize I am sure this has been asked before.

The company I was tracking the release dates for the after market 3080s mentioned end of Sept. Then mid Oct. then mid Nov. then mid Dec. then Jan. the 7th.
Now the company has removed all the 3080s from their website.

Does anyone have any idea when the after markets are going to be released? Forget months, let's talk seasons.....spring? summer? fall?? please don't tell me next winter lol just trying to get some kind of idea so I can have my wallet ready, it's quite scared right now.
So it's a question of time and quantity. Weird that site took them all off, maybe they are re-working something. Okay cool, figured they had been released, they just clearly underestimated the demand.
There have been many factors not just underestimating demand. Supply chains are not working to full efficiency, medical supplies including PPE are taking priority. Then manufacturing has been pressured with gpu, cpu and consoles all releasing new generations very close to each other. The pandemic is also driving higher demand.

Edit: And home mining is now taking off again. I know someone looking for 4 3060Ti’s just to mine.