Question After Reinstalling my PC, games are apparently only in Fullscreen Windowed.

Aug 29, 2020
Hey all! This is my first post, I never thought I'd post here until something happened.

So yesterday I installed a new table in the room, and after reinstalling the PC and the 2 monitors, I turn it on and it worked fine until I load one of the games I play, CS:GO. It seemed fine at first and then I notice that my cursor can go to the second monitor even though it isn't supposed to. I checked the video settings and to my surprise, It stated that it was in Fullscreen. This means that I can play 4:3 Stretched on Fullscreen Windowed, which isn't supposed to happen since they force you to play 16:9 (Native Res). And so I checked other games like TF2, and even to the point where I even check ROBLOX. They both acted as if they were in Fullscreen Windowed.

I am really confused since this is the same exact setup I've been playing on and this is the first time that this has ever happened, before this (Like 2 days ago) It worked fine, it did as intended (Fullscreen, the cursor did not cross to the second monitor.). I'm not sure if I did something wrong, the wiring seem to be right.

Another weird thing is that R6S was the only game I tested that did act Fullscreen (As of now). I thought of was it was the NVIDIA Drivers, reinstalled and didn't work. Display wont do anything either since I tried finding a oddity, and nothing was out of order. I wonder if anyone else has this weird "feature" i'd say.

Since it's acting like its Fullscreen Windowed, War Thunder is having a 40 frame drop because of it.

Any help is appreciated, I'm open to all answers. I will respond if you ask me questions. I will be on daily to see what you all can come up with.