Question After screen turned off for power saving, it turns black immediately when not moving mouse

Jul 5, 2019
Without having made any changes to power settings, whenever my notebook has turned off the screen for saving power, it turns back on with any input - everything normal so far. But right after turning back on, the screen turns to black (not off, just black as the backlight remains on) immediately and returns to normal while moving the cursor or pressing keys but immediately turns to black when there is no constant input.
Plugging the power cable in solves this and the problem does not occur even after the screen has been turned off when plugged in.
Changing the turn-off time or other battery settings does not have any effect - once the screen was turned off in battery mode, the problem occurs until either plugging the power cable in or restarting. Ctrl+Shift+Win+B does not affect it either.
I'm running Windows 10 on a ThinkPad X1 Yoga (1st gen.)

Thanks for any ideas and help!


My first thought is to doublecheck that the display drivers are up-to-date. Just to eliminate any such issues.

That leaves power....

Second thought - check the battery. If the problem only occurs when under battery (no power cable) then the battery is suspect in my mind.

How old is the battery?


Apr 13, 2019
Thinkpads have their own power saving utilities separate from Windows. The fact the back lite problem goes away when plugged in is probably because the problem is with power savings battery mode, vs plugged in mode, and not necessarily the battery itself. I found this link decribing the issue with Windows 8, so maybe it will help with Windows 10.

If this just started you may want to look at a recent Windows update and maybe uninstall the most recent to see of it makes the problem go away.
Jul 5, 2019
Subsequently, restarting the driver with Ctrl-Shift-Win-B did solve the problem in most occurances, so the problem was with the driver, apparently. According to Window's log, it was last updated on the 3rd of July, which would fit the time frame somewhat.
I reverted to the older driver supplied through Lenovo's driver page (rollback from the driver version ending in 6589 to the one ending in 6576), which appears to have solved the problem.

I'll report back if the problem comes up again. Otherwise, the newest driver (version ...6589) should be avoided by anyone with the same problem til at least the next version.

Thanks for your help!