Question After setting stock base clock and boost to auto I cant reset the cmos

May 17, 2018
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SPECS: ryzen 3 2200g, MSI armor rx 570, msi b350m vdh pro motherboard and 500 watt power supply.
So I set my core clock to auto cause I wanted to see my performance at base clock and I put boost to auto to cause I wanted to see what clock it would boost to. The thing is I left the voltage the same when I had it overclocked. I hit save changes and restart and, well, it turned on but just did nothing. I hit the hard reset switch and when it came back on the cpu light flashed on the motherboard for one second and went away then the pc did nothing again. I tried to clear the cmos by touching the two pins with metal for 20 seconds and nothing happened. after that I took of the cooler and cleaned the thermal paste off. I accidentally got some thermal paste on the bottom of a pin but I was able to clean was I could see off. I put new thurmal paste on and put the cooler back on. I boot it up and now I was getting a constant cpu failure light. might I have broken my processor. If not can you please help because this is the only pc other than my slow terrible laptop, that I have. I don't have any money to get a new processor so I would love it if you could help.
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Have you tried removing the CMOS battery itself for a few minutes. Sometimes the pins won't clear the settings from my understanding. If CPU pin is properly cleaned and no physical damage was done, you should be ok there.