Question After shutdown from Windows 10, LEDs and fans stays on but during reboot hardware turns off

Dec 17, 2021
I have a problem with my pc desktop, I don't know very well if hardware or software (I fear hardware).
Anyway some days ago, a sudden reboot occurred but maybe a power outage in my home I'm not certain.
Then everything ok for a couple of days.
Then another reboot without reason while I was seeing some images (so no heavy load, cpu 100%, gaming or hot temperature etc.)

At this point, I started a lot of software fixes:
  • Windows 10 updates
  • Driver updates
  • GPU update
plus I changed some sockets quite old for fear they were defective

After that, the pc seemed stable and no reboot has occurred anymore.
BUT now I have another issue: when I shutdown Windows, case led + mobo leds + cpu fan + case fans everything stay on.
And I have also the doubt that this problem was already present before tons of update (after the 2 randomly weird restarts)

Another big list of attempts:
  • SFC scanner
  • Restore default power options
  • Reset power plans settings
  • Windows power Troubleshooter
  • Disable fast boot
  • Disable hibernation and sleep
  • Clean boot with minimal set of driver
  • Change HDMI cable (I have read that a person with the same problem as me has solved it like this..)
  • Shutdown the os from a Linux live usb
  • Reset MOBO settings (screwdriver)
  • MOBO firmware update
  • MOBO custom settings
* disable fast boot
* disable led in working state or soft states
* disable power delivery in soft state (S5)
* ErP enabled (S5 or S4/S5)

After those changes I have this situation:
  • pc is working fine (driver, cpu, gaming, etc.)
  • no random reboot
  • no problem was spotted when I ran diagnostic command like sfc scanner, check ssd etc...
  • when I shutdown Windows, I have to wait that the monitor is off then long press on the physical power button on the case and after 5-10s each fan stops and the lights go out
  • Last thing I noticed, if I reboot the system from Windows start menu, after the monitor is off every hardware inside the case stop (rightly) for a couple of seconds, then the system restart and I see the logo of the mobo etc..
I write this to highlight that during the reboot the system is working properly, during the shut down no, the psu continues to delivery energy to fans/leds
Now someone has some other ideas/attempts in mind that I can try before resigning myself to the current situation?

SSD => Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M2
RAM => Ballistix Sport DDR4
CPU => Intel I5-8400
GPU => GeForce RTX 2060
PSU => Cooler Master V550
Cooler => Cooler Master 212x
Case => Corsair Carbide Spec-Alpha

The pc has about two years of honorable service without ever giving problems

Many thanks for any advice
sounds just like a corruption of the OS.
i've seen many times where default Power Plans, Sign-out/Shutdown/Sleep/Restart, and other built-in settings stop functioning properly.

each time a fresh install of the OS or reloading a Restore Point from before the issue had begun was the only way to correct the issue(s).
SFC cannot detect & repair the issue because it's not actually a corrupt file, just built-in OS settings that have corrupted.
Dec 17, 2021
Unfortunately restore solution doesn't work. I tried with two Macrium images of the entire ssd (2 weeks ago and 2 months ago) but every time I shutdown Win I get the problem at issue..
Now I'm a little bit more confident that I have some hardware problem
Dec 17, 2021
Just a note, third shutdown today and I found out that if I put win10 in sleep then I'm not able to wake up the os because keyboard and mouse are completely off (while fans and leds are always active instead)