Question After switching to a new case the pc doesn't boot, no display, turns off in 10seconds.


Feb 18, 2016

the components of the pc were not changed, the CPU and RAM stayed on the motherboard while it was placed in the new case. When I turn on the PC both the case fans and the CPU/GPU fans work fine, the rgb lighting of the case works as well, I can hear the HDD working as well, but the PC shuts off after 10 seconds, it doesn't boot, the display doesn't display anything. The wiring was re-checked 10times or even more, re-plugged. Was working in the old case, all the components were transferred. I have tried to reset the bios to the factory defaults, tried running the pc with only the CPU, RAM and the board itself - same issue, tried running with only one stick, with every ram stick. BUT if I remove both the ram sticks the motherboard goes into a turn on, turn off loop. Tried running both with the integrated graphics and with the dedicated card. Tried running with another old PSU of mine.

All the components were not moved when moving the motherboard to a new case, so they couldnt have failed just like that.
My guess is the motherboard shorted itself when transported into the new case? Is it done if so? Will I need to replace it?

16gb of ram (2x 8gb)
MB: Gigabyte B360M
CPU: I3-8100
GPU: RX-580 8gb
240 SSD
500gb HDD
Mattrexx 50 case (new case)