Question Afterburner issue

Dec 8, 2019
Cheers 🍻

That never hapened to me until today .

GPU : Gigabyte GT 710
OS: Windows 10 PRO

Well , i downloaded the MSI afterburner along with Kombustor (latest version from MSI)

My GPU has the latest driver :

I tried to make an overclock which gave me headaches .
I set the fan speed at max (100% everytime) and I checked "unlock voltage and voltage monitor from settings-but was locked anyway , can't acces voltage even with checked option" first .
After that i opened Kombustor to make a stress test to check the temperature . My card stayed on 60°C full load .
I had increased the value of core clock and memory clock simultaneously with +15 and check Kombustor again and again . Was stable at +180Core clock and +150 memory clock with no artifacts . Good , everything was ok , the temperature hit 73-75° C max .
I saved the profile and i checked "Windows startup" . In CSGO was improvements with +35 fps , GTA V +15 fps .
Suddenly , my fps was stock on 15-20 in every game .
I tried to uncheked "Windows startup" and delete profile settings and revert settings that I made , but nothing . After that I unistalled MSI afterburner with "no keeping settings" and I use "Display driver uninstaller" and "Wise registry cleaner" to complete unistall any driver and file associated with GPU in safe mode .
After boot normaly and reinstall driver , still 15-20 fps , but wtf ? The MSI settings was reverted and also deleted , right ? But how can be possible without MSI installed ? GPU should back to normal ...

This is crazy thing . I never had such a terrible experience with any graphic card and i made a lot of OC in the past .
What happened and how can I reverted this <Mod Edit> thing ?
MSI afterburner can't kill your GPU and i know it's not dead .

Any solution (without reinstall OS) ? Some registry entries ?
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