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Dec 8, 2019
Cheers 🍻

That never hapened to me until today .

GPU : Gigabyte GT 710
OS: Windows 10 PRO

Well , i downloaded the MSI afterburner along with Kombustor (latest version from MSI)

My GPU has the latest driver :

I tried to make an overclock which gave me headaches .
I set the fan speed at max (100% everytime) and I checked "unlock voltage and voltage monitor from settings-but was locked anyway , can't acces voltage even with checked option" first .
After that i opened Kombustor to make a stress test to check the temperature . My card stayed on 60°C full load .
I had increased the value of core clock and memory clock simultaneously with +15 and check Kombustor again and again . Was stable at +180Core clock and +150 memory clock with no artifacts . Good , everything was ok , the temperature hit 73-75° C max .
I saved the profile and i checked "Windows startup" . In CSGO was improvements with +35 fps , GTA V +15 fps .
Suddenly , my fps was stock on 15-20 in every game .
I tried to uncheked "Windows startup" and delete profile settings and revert settings that I made , but nothing . After that I unistalled MSI afterburner with "no keeping settings" and I use "Display driver uninstaller" and "Wise registry cleaner" to complete unistall any driver and file associated with GPU in safe mode .
After boot normaly and reinstall driver , still 15-20 fps , but wtf ? The MSI settings was reverted and also deleted , right ? But how can be possible without MSI installed ? GPU should back to normal ...

This is crazy thing . I never had such a terrible experience with any graphic card and i made a lot of OC in the past .
What happened and how can I reverted this <Mod Edit> thing ?
MSI afterburner can't kill your GPU and i know it's not dead .

Any solution (without reinstall OS) ? Some registry entries ?
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Dec 22, 2019
Restart your computer and then reboot.
MSI Afterburner is really a cool one for who can perfectly do this task. but if you can't then it's become a frustration rather!
However, you can check this article here. it has almost all the details on how to use MSI afterburner. Hope it will help you to sort out what went with your one!