Question Afterburner OSD + RTSS causing black screen

Nov 11, 2020
Hope you are all safe during these harsh days.

A couple of days ago, I launched SE4 with the Afterburner and RTSS in the background. In the menu screen of the game, I could not see the temps and stuff, then I moved my cursor a bit, the screen went black for a second, and then came back with the OSD details. At first, I thought this was just a random glitch, and did not care much about it and played the game for like two hours with absolutely zero issues.

I launched the game again with these two working in the background today, and once again, I could not see the OSD details in the menu screen, moved the cursor, and my screen went black for a second and then came back with all the details like what I experienced a couple of days ago. Then, I just exited the game, uninstalled both Afterburner and RTSS, launched the game again and boom, this bizarre issue just went away. No momentary black screens in the menu, no issues.

Anybody experienced anything like that? To add, I did no overclocks. Nothing like that. Just monitoring the usage and temps.