Age of the Empires II crashes on Win 7


Oct 4, 2012
I attempted to install AoE II on my windows 7 computer and found that the game crashes every time I attempt to start a game. This version is torrented as I lost my CD a while back and cannot find it. This could be the issue, but many other people have gotten the same crack to work.

What I have tried:
changing my screen resolution
Compatability mode: (XP, Win 98, Win 95)
Run as admin
Disable visual themes
Disable desktop composition
Disable display scaling on high DPI settings

All of this to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.
Legal gray area. Technically, you are running a version of the game with a different CD-key (License), so what you are doing is probably illegal.

Remember, you purchase the right to use the game, not the game itself. Different license, different game.