Question Aggravating vibration creates involuntary action

Sep 12, 2019
I am using a Dell laptop with Windows 10 installed, and a Microsoft mouse.
Periodically, the mouse will vibrate in my hand. If a web browser is open, the previous page will automatically be displayed. If multiple tabs are open, the focus will shift to the previous tab. If there are controls on the page, sometimes a control will be selected (e.g. a 'mouse click') without me actually clicking the mouse.

This occurs randomly, and without warning. It is extremely frustrating, and has already caused some distress.

I would like to know the cause, and (of course), the cure... if any of you folks have seen this.
Logitech had a couple force-feedback mice but the only Microsoft ones I know of are the "Microsoft Sculpt" or "Arc Touch" with haptic feedback.

The drivers on all of these need to be installed in order to control the vibration feature. I think by default it vibrates when you swipe your thumb up and down on the side blue button without pressing it.