Agility 3, or Crucial M4


Dec 21, 2009
I need to chose SSD for my home desktop. Will work under Win 7 with 8GB RAM (so swap file disabled), mostly day-to-day web browsing, photoshop and few games that I currently play and want them to run faster. I already have 500GB HDD which I will use for storage. My choices are (including 2.5" > 3.5" bay adapter if needed)

OCZ Agility 3 120GB - £120
Crucial M4 128GB - £131
Corsair Force 3 120GB - £115

Is M4 worth the premium? OCZ seem to still have lots of issues so I'd rather avoid it, but Force 3 is built on Sandforce controller as well. Any suggestions?
well m4 series is a very reliable product line.i own a 128gb's fast and reliable.STAY AWAY!!!from ocz drives!!nough said.
corsair force gt series is good but not force 3 :(
short answer-go with m4.sammy 830 and mushkin enhaced deluxe are also good choices :D
Yes, im going with the Crucial M4 for my HTPC build as well. It's one of the most stable SSD's out there. I still don't quite trust the Sandforce controllers - especially after my vertex 2 crapped out on me (which a firmware update fixed).

If you want stability go with the M4...if you want to save a few bucks, go with the others.