Agni's Philosophy Tech Demo

I couldn't watch the vid, only the screenshots, and I've got to say that pic right at the top of the page looks almost photo-realistic, which is amasing, but since this is a final fantasy studio, I think many will agree with me, it's expected of them to push that level of detail on character models in their games.

PS> isn't luminous studio the ones that made luminous ark series?


Jun 23, 2011

Yeah...the modeling here is wretchedly good for sure, but it IS a tech demo after all. What impresses me is this is the first real-time game engine demo where the character models had something that resembled REAL HAIR.

I's a thing with me, but I hate the plastic hair "cap" we have had in games forever. Ever since playing Alice MR, I've come to expect nothing less than real hair. ;)