AGP 4x/8x speed very slow



My problem is that when I turn AGP speed in catalyst control center from 0x to 4x or 8x the screen updating speed goes extremely slow. Any idea what should I do?

My graphics card is Radeon 9250 and motherboard asrock K7S8X R3.0. They both support AGP 4x/8x. I've set the right speed from my bios too. I use native resolution of 1980x1080x 60mzh with hdmi cable. Graphics card driver version is 8.252 which is what ati recommends. I've also installed the motherboard's AGP-driver.


Sep 26, 2008
1920x1080 is probably too much for that card and AGP just plain sucks. I've had problems similar to you on my old AGP rig: 8x AGP was a no go, it made the system slower than at 4x AGP and caused all kinds of errors.

Upgrade to PCI-E as soon as you can, even a PCI-E fossil such as the Geforce 6600GT beats the 9250.
by updating slow, do you mean the screen refreshes slow? or games update slow?

What is the rest of the system. Higher resolutions do take more power in general.

A 9250 should be able to do it as i have a GF4 MX400 system that runs 1920 x 1280, but not over HDMI. HDMI has too much overscan(on my screen at least, not all are like that) for my liking.

With 512 MB of memory, that computer has a slow top down wipe to close apps, but with 1gig its fine.


With omega drivers the speed seems to be normal with 8x AGP speed. I wouldn't want to buy new computer just for normal windows use since I don't play games etc.

By slow I ment screen refresh rate when doing normal desktop use. It's same as before installing any graphics card driver at all. I've Duron 1.8g and 1.5g memory. Processor and memory load are normally quite low so they shouldn't be a problem.